DIY Art - Creativity Kits 

Edinburgh Art Festival invites you to get creative at home


DIY Art is a series of activity packs from Edinburgh Art Festival and selected artists, inviting you to get creative at home. The instructional creativity kits give insight into an artist's practice, showing how you can use their processes and techniques to create your own unique artwork. 


When you have made your artworks, we’d love to include them in an online exhibition on our community engagement blog. Share your creations by emailing images to

Please contact if you require assistance with art materials.

Special thanks to Edinburgh Art Shop.




Housemates by Sofia Niazi

Recommended for age 4-10

Artist and illustrator Sofia Niazi's 'Housemates' art pack invites young people and their family/carer to explore their homes in new ways, identifying interesting patterns, and using books, newspapers or magazines to combine collage and drawing to create colourful creatures, animals and people to populate and brighten your home.

Download here.


Recommended for age 16+

Artist Alexa Hare's WAITING PAINTING art pack asks you to slow down and use the act of listening as a starting point for creating your own visual statements combining writing, paint and collage, this process will help you get lost in making, ordering your thoughts in a visual way to create a series of collages. 

Download here.

WOW ORANGE by Naomi Garriock
Recommended for age 5–11

Artist and educator Naomi Garriock’s WOW ORANGE art pack invites young people, their family/carer or teachers to focus on colour, patterns and shapes from the natural world and drawing as a way of exploring therapeutic and meditative creative processes. The WOW ORANGE art pack is part of Children’s Art Week 2020 – a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education.

Download here.

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