DIY Art - Creativity Kits 

Edinburgh Art Festival invites you to get creative at home


DIY Art is a series of activity packs from Edinburgh Art Festival and selected artists, inviting you to get creative at home. The instructional creativity kits give insight into an artist's practice, showing how you can use their processes and techniques to create your own unique artwork. 

Creativity kits including art materials have been distributed to participants of WHALEArts, SCOREscotland and other organisations in the Wester Hailes area.


When you have made your artworks, we’d love to include them in an online exhibition on our community engagement blog. Share your creations by emailing images to

Please contact if you require assistance with getting art materials.

Special thanks to Edinburgh Art Shop.

Scroll down to see artwork made by those who have received or downloaded DIY Art - Creativity kits.

Make a Jam Jar Snow Globe by Sally Hackett 
Recommended for ages 7–11, and suitable for classroom settings 

What you will need:

  • Glass jars

  • Tin foil

  • Plasticine 

  • Desiccated coconut* or glitter 

  • Extras: Sweet wrappers, stones, shells, twigs or flowers, sticky gems

*Allergy advice: Coconut – if concerned about intolerance/allergy please switch desiccated coconut for glitter.


Artist Sally Hackett invites you to make your own festive mini-snow globe world inside a recycled glass jar that used to hold your jam, peanut butter or pickled onions! 


This tutorial shows you how to make small sculptures from materials close to hand, and construct a working snow globe complete with its own mini-blizzard!

Watch here.

HELLO Postcards by Peter Liversidge
Suitable for all ages

Peter Liversidge's HELLO Postcards creativity kit invites you to greet and connect with people by sending mail art, especially to those who have played an important role for you and others during the Covid-19 pandemic. The art pack corresponds with Peter's Flags for Edinburgh project, originally from Edinburgh Art Festival 2013, and revisited as part of our artist responses this year. The project invites organisations and communities across the city to fly a white flag that reads HELLO – sending a collective greeting to each other and the wider world. Before you post your mail art through the postbox or letterbox, take a picture and share it with Edinburgh Art Festival by tagging @EdArtFest and including #SayHello.

Download here.

Making a Dream World by Tamara MacArthur
Online video tutorial - recommended for ages 8–12


Alongside the piece It’s All Over But the Dreaming presented as part of our August 2020 offering, artist Tamara MacArthur has created a special DIY Art activity which invites you to imagine your own dream world, and turn it into a paper theatre set at home. You can find costumes for your characters using everyday things from around the house. Then, using a filming device like a phone or laptop, you can create your own show!

What you will need to make your dream world:

  • A small area of clear wall with some space in front of it, to set up your filming device

  • Phone/ tablet/ laptop

  • Paper (about 20 sheets)

  • Card (cereal boxes are perfect!)

  • Colourful drawing pencils/ pens/ pastels

  • Shiny scraps (kitchen foil/ sweet wrappers etc.)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Blue tack

  • Tape

Watch your magical dream world become a reality! 

Watch here.

WOW ORANGE by Naomi Garriock

Recommended for age 5–11

Artist and educator Naomi Garriock’s WOW ORANGE art pack invites young people, their family/carer or teachers to focus on colour, patterns and shapes from the natural world and drawing as a way of exploring therapeutic and meditative creative processes. The WOW ORANGE art pack is part of Children’s Art Week 2020 – a UK-wide programme run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education. 

Download here.

Housemates by Sofia Niazi

Recommended for age 4-10

Artist and illustrator Sofia Niazi's 'Housemates' art pack invites young people and their family/carer to explore their homes in new ways, identifying interesting patterns, and using books, newspapers or magazines to combine collage and drawing to create colourful creatures, animals and people to populate and brighten your home.

Download here.


Recommended for age 16+, however, younger people may I enjoy too

Artist Alexa Hare's WAITING PAINTING art pack asks you to slow down and use the act of listening as a starting point for creating your own visual statements combining writing, paint and collage, this process will help you get lost in making, ordering your thoughts in a visual way to create a series of collages. 

Download here.


DIY Art - Artwork responses

Responses to Alexa Hare's WAITING PAINTING art pack 



Song Sung Blue by Carol from Wester Hailes Carers Group, Wester Hailes Health Agency, Edinburgh. Links included below to Carol's musical inspiration! 

It was a therapeutic process as it helped me release layers of sadness, stress, frustration and grief. Letting go and acknowledging those feelings makes way for hope. 


As I was working with my inner guidance I felt the process was very relaxing and therapeutic. The cut out words came from songs that I could hear in my head while I worked: 

Blue Moon - Bobby Vinton, Mr Blue Sky - E.L.O., She wore Blue Velvet - Lana del Rey, It's all over now Baby Blue - Joan Baez, Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond and Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison.

Mrs Nagy's Year 6 Class from St Mary's Primary School, Batley, West Yorkshire

The activity was so suitable for the current climate and circumstances we find ourselves in.We enjoyed it so much that the other year 6 teacher and I are going to use it again at the start of the new school year.

Responses to Peter Liversidge's Hello Postcards art pack 

Mail art by Cris from Edinburgh.

I love post, stamps, postcards and art so this was ideal for me! The cards in that batch went to various places in Scotland plus France, Switzerland, Ireland and Germany.

Edinburgh-based Douglas' art pack all the way up in Glencoe... marking a site at the Pap of Glencoe, and starting its postal journey in the village.
My response to the cards was to incorporate spreading ashes on the Pap - John and Jan my in-laws were constant supporters of the Festival, travelling every year when not resident in Edinburgh. I thought it would be a good way for them to contribute 'in absentee’. John loved the work of Yves Klein and would appreciate the concept. They lived in Paris, used Charles de Gaulle airport frequently, so the Frutiger typeface Peter uses just added to the idea!


Tim from Leith 

Since I was wee I have sent cards and letters to my grandparents who live really far away down south in the middle of nowhere - so I only get to see them once or twice a year. So this was the perfect opportunity to send them their monthly post with some art involved. My grandad was a GP, now retired and like many he has needed to rely on them, so I wanted to send a salute to the NHS for looking after everyone.

Wester Hailes Carers Group


I posted my first card to my friend Gill who lives in Glen Lyon, we spent many an early morning during lockdown, each of us propped up in bed with a cuppa chatting on the phone.

I don't seem to be able to create a card without a poem springing out! 



I worked on these in collaboration with Barbara because she broke her arm. She asked for colourful cutouts from some watercolour doodles I did earlier in lockdown. Once complete I posted our collaborations to Barbara.

Carol and Barbara




Anne from Portobello, member of the Ed Art Fest VI Group

'I say “hello” everyday to the sky above and the sand below my feet. I say “Hello “ to the sea , the fish.... as I live at the beach!'

Kasia from Dalry, member of the Ed Art Fest VI Group

Feeling Lost - Feeling Found - A companion by Pester and Rossi

What you will need

• Paper (at least 10 sheets – bigger sheets work better but scrap paper can also be used)
• Something to write with
• Paint (we use black acrylic but can be anything you have at home)
• A thin paintbrush
• Water in a cup for washing your brush
• A big bulldog clip, a stapler or something to hold paper together with

Pester and Rossi invites you to observe, wirte and paint when you are starting something new or you are feeling a bit lost in a project. This process remind you where you are, what is important to you and which way to go next.

Download Art Pack Here