Sighthill Primary School Project - Build A Mini Eco World

Since January 2020 Sighthill Primary School's P5 class have been working with artist Sally Price, using disposable waste materials as inspiration for sculpture, assemblage and drawing. In their weekly workshops at WHALEArts, Miss Hepburn's class have taken inspiration from items we usually consider rubbish to explore 

small and large scale abstract sculpture making, the idea of temporary artwork and the importance of environmentally minded art making. The next part of the process is having a school-wide mini sculpture making afternoon - the class inviting their peers, sharing in what they have learned - the outcomes of which will be shown alongside the class's work at WHALEArts in the exhibition 'Build a Mini Eco World' in the coming months. Below is a sneak peek of what they've been up to so far.

Special thanks to Sighthill Primary, Miss Hepburn and P5, WHALEArts and Arts and Creative Learning - City of Edinburgh Council. 

Keep Creating at Home

There are so many things around your house that can be used to make art!

Making temporary sculptures and drawings with found objects means you can take them apart and make something new again and again - you’ll never use them up! It means we can delay things from ending up in landfill, and see value in items we often label as “rubbish”. Remember that it is the process of being creative, and not the product, that is the most fun! 


Here are some ideas for you to try out at home, using what you find:

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