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Wester Hailes Art Group 2021 - 22

Wester Hailes Art Group comes together every month for trips led by Edinburgh Art Festival Community Engagement, the group comprises of local residents associated with WHALEArts and people living in the South West of Edinburgh.

The outings take into account the group's knowledge and interests in historic and modern art, and introduces them to contemporary art practice through exhibitions, meeting artists and specialists, and trying out new artistic techniques. As well as this the trips include appreciating the city's walking routes and green spaces and visiting other Scottish cultural destinations.

During lockdown and restrictions we've been staying in touch via email and Zoom, working out what we want to do over the next couple of years. We also attended special curator's overviews of the The Queen's Gallery's Victoria and Albert: Our Lives in Watercolour from Dr. Carly Collier and 'Photographing Fairies' at Stills Gallery from Alice Sage. 
If you are associated with WHALE Arts or live in the South West of Edinburgh and are looking to connect with people interested in the arts and would like to join the group, please get in touch by emailing -

Special thanks to the organisations and artists who have supported our trips to date. 

Image Credit: Emily Stevenson.

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